GoPro: Supercar Wakeboard

Put a F50 Ferrari and wakeboard together travelling down a drainage ditch and the result is this more than a curious video captured by GoPro. This time the music that accompanies the original video is "Eugenesia" by Voltage.​

X Games Aspen 2015: Best of GoPro - Winter X Games

The track "Honorem et Gloriam" by the young and very talented producer Evangelos, was placed in this video, with the Electronic slow tempo accompanying the viewer, building up the best moments caught by GoPro of the Winter X Games, Aspen.

GoPro: Bobby Brown's Ski Big Air Course Preview - 2015 Winter X Games Aspen

The relationship with our client GoPro started with the 2015 Winter X-Games in Aspen, where they chose to sync the track "Hodor" from our producers Voltage & WAP. The French Techno marriages perfectly with the cool images recorded, which for fans of Game Of Thrones "Hodor" certainly sees the Winter coming!
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